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About call recorder (odd and unwanted behavior)

I just learn that Zenfone call recorder has changing its behavior.Firstly, it doesn't save phone number or contact name to filename anymore.Secondly, it has separated the audio to stereo format, as for participants per track (left/right speaker). Thi...

Zenfone 8 and Huawei

Hello friends. Does anyone has any problems with Huawei smart watches? A year ago I bought a Huawei gt2. Magnificent smart watch. Everything worked properly and after the update from android 12 to 13 I had a lot of problems with the proximity sensor ...

Waiting for flashing full ramdump...

I have just bought my brand new Zenfone 8 from x-kom shop and the phone hanged during initial setup, after i connected WiFi. I was expecting some updates, but it was taking like an hour so i restarted the phone. It hanged again on ASUS logo and waiti...

Aidekk by Star I
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Resolved! 3rd party ringtones

I have zenfone 8 and liked the Windows Lumia 640 phone several (already) years ago and wanted to get the notification sounds and ringtones on my Zenfone (now) and haven't been too successful thus far. However, there was one i found from that phone an...

Leis by Star II
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Phone dead, won't turn on anymore

Phone dead, won't turn on anymore. It was charged, I had just used it, when I realized it had turned off and there was no way to restart it. I tried to keep it connected to the charger anyway and then tried to turn it on in every way without success....

Menhir65 by Rising Star I
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Help Request: Salvage/Pull data using ADB/fastboot?

Greetings,my Zenfone 8 is also failing. Seems to be caught in a loop/endless loading. Symptoms started a week ago, couple of random reboots I thought nothing of it. Today it random rebooted and is just stuck on the Zenfone "dancing dots" logo.I can't...

nasch007 by Rising Star I
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Should I get the Zenfone 8 or Pixel 6a?

I've been looking at getting a new midrange/budget phone (£350 is what I have put aside for a phone) and both of these phones are £300 brand new atm. These two are my favourites at the moment, I have done my research and I know that both phones have ...

Audio drop outs- People can't hear me (but I can hear them)

Hi everyone. Issue with zenfone for months so it can't really be used as a phone which is an issue. It doesn't always do it, but frequently when I call someone, they can only hear every 1 out of about every 3 words I'm saying and say the sound seems ...