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How long zenfone 8 Will Be supported?

Star III

Hello how long this zenfone 8 "flagships" got those updates. I know that asus has that 2os updates policy but IS that same on security.?. Thats shame because like me i just got this pretty cool phone. Now i just wonder how long this Will got Any updates?. Last security IS now on October. November Google play. 

I have tried to find some news about this device but only things what found IS users writing. So Will this phone get security updates anymore next year or IS this really now EOL DEVICE. That shame because Works just perfect.

This IS not even so old flagship. And still beats phones what has released now 2023. 

And Will asus never ever change that update policy i want to know ,because i like this phone and i just want to know.


Rising Star I

our phone already doesn't supported!

Latest firmware kill phones!!!

could you elaborate?


Star III

I havent faced Any problems. I have used this now 6 days already. I buy IT 6days ago. Battery goes everytime better when i charge. Now i got over 6hours of use. Only things what i wonder what that is , IS battery use "other" because that IS always More than 1/3 full BATTERY. And do you mean that ramdump or what that was?. I doesnt know Any user HERE where i live WHO has got that. Security updates supposed come 2024 still.

Star I

I was also under the impression from everything that I've read that they aren't supporting anymore, but since the supposed last security update, I have had 2 more with the other one happening this morning.