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Constant Crashing

Star I

As of today, for not reason that I am aware of, my phone is deciding to shut down and reset. Sometimes it decides not to boot aspects of my phone, such as my sim card. Really quite annoying, I haven't had a firmware update recently, so something else has happened. I know the standard response is a factory reset, but want to avoid this problem in future if possible.




Hi @Invinctius 


A factory reset is highly recommended, but before doing so, you can check if any third-party apps may be causing the crashing. 


You can enter safe mode to use the system's core apps and services to verify this:

Would it also resolve the fact that as well as crashing, the sim card is also flat out decidong to not be detected. Which is a problem..


Thanks, I will try it and if I face any issues, I will update you.

So, did a factory reset, nearly bricked my phone, lost everything, phone is still just deciding to shut down, for the trade of... What? Eliminating it wasn't an app. So, is this the part I get a place to send my phone in for free repairs or a replacement?  Also, fun part is, now all my settings gone and for some reason the account I originally registered with, doesn't recognise my own username, even though I used my details to log in. Oh and because it detects my Asus exists but it doesn't, any recovery of my phone through google, now tries to detect my old phone... So, again, my new username is apt I believe. Guys should stick to motherboards.