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ASUS service center in Poland

Three months warranty left, my bricked Zenfone stayed bricked in my drawer for few months so I thought to sent it to service center and if they would repair it, sell Zenfone to another lucky owner xDDoes anyone here from Poland can tell me which comp...

Camera app doesnt work zenfone 8

Model Name: Zenfone 8Firmware wersion: WW_33.0210.0210.210Not rootedCamera app version - have the exact same problem as - @zgredek94 had in he's thread here - link to threadit seems like it is not a hardware problem because sometime ...

Resolved! ZenFone 8 microphone issue with a droid 13 update

1: ZenFone 82: ww_33.0210.0210.2103: Not rooted4: Happens all the time5: Phone app.  Just update to ww_33.0210.0210.210.All my call contacts are saying my voice is very distant and quiet during a phone call after the update.  I tried regular mode, sp...

Asus Zenfone 8 Android 13

Hello, I have problem. I have upgraded my Zenfone to Android 13 yesterday and I see a lot of lags in animations and during scrolling websites etc. Before I don't use "performance mode", normal mode was good enough and phone has no lags. Now I see lag...

ZGV by Star I
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Android 13

Hi. I got the Android 13 update, and after restart the first thing it did was trying to download some suspect file.Is this from the update? Or is it some virus i got early er, but i could not see it before?

proo1 by Star I
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Ui issue in Arabic language

 the notification start in the center of the screen not after the buttons in the upper of the screen. #zenfone8 #android13

Mom522x by Star I
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ITVX android app

Zenphone 8 (ASUS_1`006D) 33.0210.0210.210The new ITVX app (UK television) does not install from the play store, I get a message saying 'This app won't work for your device' and there is no option to install it.  I have checked with ITVX developers an...

NickP by Star I
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wifi not work zenfone 8 after android 13 upgrade

exactly 1 year of using asus zenfone 8 suddenly wifi doesn't work, hotspot doesn't work, and GPS doesn't work properly. all this started when I upgraded to android 13.the warranty has ended suddenly an event like this happened. can I get an additiona...

beresyit by Star II
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