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"Swipe Up" on the Home Screen

Whwn I "swipe up" on the Home screen I get to view a page of buttons for all 20+ of "my" installed Apps along with buttons for Phone, Messages, Contacts, .., and a few other standards.Exactly the same bundle of Apps as is offered by the ASUS Launcher...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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respected sir i am having azuz perfect warrenty i am having a crack on my screen for zenbook flip 13 and my serial number is R3N0C********** plaese check it out and kindly notify me if iam eligible for free repalcement and i am currently in india i h...

Another ZF8 dead

In the ERA for 6 inch plus phones, the Zenfone 8 was a dream phone. Coming from Samsung's S8 this phone checked all the boxes for me.Sadly after exactly 2 years(and 1 day) my phone has died.After a day at work I put it to charge, it was around 15%. W...

Zenfone 8 Notifications: Struggling with Inconsistencies

I've recently discovered that my Zenfone 8's alerts aren't functioning properly in more ways than one: The notifications on my Zenfone 8 remain visible even after I open the Telegram app. - I frequently see delayed notifications compared to we shall ...

Spotify app isn't compatible with my ZenPhone 8

HiI'm not able to install the Spotify app on my freshly updated ZenFone 8. I have contacted Spotify support team and they said that shouldn't have been a problem as the minimal requirement is Android 5. I have contacted the GooglePlay support team. T...

WiFi no longer works after latest update (Android 13)

Model: Zenfone 8Firmware: 33.0210.0210.326Not rootedFrequency: ConstantSince updating to the latest firmware I've been unable to enable WiFi. I've tried everything short of a hard reset to regain the capability, but with no luck. #Zenfone8

Getting worried

Hi , I think the ASUS zenfone 8 is great.  However, Im getting slightly worried that alot of things are going to go wrong with it after reading all the posts on here.  Already, the ability to copy files off my phone onto my pc has gone (even though i...

Zenfone 8 bricked after OS update

Just today (20 Nov 2023, around 4pm local time at GMT +8, Malaysia), my Zenfone 8 indicated that a new Android version is available for download. I downloaded it and when prompted for a reboot, I proceed to do so. The Zenfone 8 has been bricked since...

rec call on Zenfone

Hello,I use Zenfone 8 because it's the only phone that can record audio direct from a phone call. in europe with android 11 an after this function is blocked!I would know if anyone use newest asus phone , as zenfone 9 or 10, if they have the possibil...

aSuS123 by Star I
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