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Android Auto wireless disconnects

Star I

Hi all,

I have a Zenfone 8 and a wireless Android Auto dongle (AAwireless). For some reason the Zenphone keeps disconnecting during use. Some times it goes well for half an hour, sometimes it disconnects twice in 5 mins.

At least is reconnects within a couple of seconds....

Wired Android Auto is does not give any issues, also an other phone connected to the dongle works well. I also tried different dongles, but they all give the same disconnects. 

I tried all kinds of fixes: reboots, repairing, clearing cache, reinstall apps, grand permissions, al kind of WiFi and Bluetooth settings, remove from battery optimisations.

Anyone a clue?

I also wonder why battery optimisation keeps switching automatically ON for the Android Auto app. When I set it to 'no battery optimisation', the next time it is automatically switched on again. 


Regards Chris (ZF is on Android 13 v. 326)