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Wireless Android Auto Does not work!

Star I

Model: Zenfone 8
sw: 33.0210.0210.332
Android 13
Car: BMW running idrive 7

Previously, I have not had a car with android auto and therefore never knew it did not work.
I now do have a car that supports it and my phone does not work it.
I tried to connect my phone wirelessly and it will always fail.
I do not have the option to connect via usb as the car only supports wireless android auto.
I have tried wirelessly on my friend’s car and it fails on that too.
My friends samsung s21 running android 13 works as does my friends pixel 7.

Sometimes the phone will fail ‘silently’ and the car says:
"Android auto - Connection failed. Please check the Bluetooth and WIFI settings on your mobile device"

I have noticed an error on my phone that does not always show: "Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose a device"

I can connect to the car via bluetooth for telephony and audio streaming.
I can connect to the car via wifi 2.4ghz for BMW applications.
I believe (but not sure) the car will try and use the 5ghz band for android auto but before it does that, it will disconnect the 2.4ghz ssid

I have tried:

  • rolling back/forward all updates on android auto app.
  • enabling and disabling dual band wifi
  • enabling and disabling using cellular data when the wifi has no internet connection.
  • i have reset my "Wifi, mobile and bluetooth" settings under ‘system’
  • i have hard reset my phone 

I have taken multiple adb logs but cannot see anything conclusive as to why it has failed.

This has been an extremely time consuming, frustrating and disappointing experience given that it should work seamlessly.

Thank you in advance.