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Question to Zenfone 8 owners - Slight rattling sound?

Star I

Hi! I have a question to those of you who have a Zenfone 8 (non flip version). I have one too, and I wondered if the following thing is as it should be or not.

There is a slight rattling sound (1) if one shakes the phone (flat side) slightly up and down (but not sideways) and (2) if one taps on the top of the phone (but not the bottom). My theory is that this either is the vibration feature that is as it should, or else is damaged. // I also think the vibration is very low (even though it is at max in the settings) when one gets a phone call.

I didn’t want to bother returning it if is as it should, so I figured it would be best to ask other owners of the device - if it rattles a bit if you tap the top of it or shake it (flat side up and down).

Thanks for the help!