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Router settings transfer

I am currently using RT-AC86U as my main router and RT-AX55 as my mesh node, I am planning to upgrade my main router by buying RT-AX1800HP. I would like to ask is it possible to transfer existing settings from RT-AC86U to RT-AX1800HP without reconfig...

Asus Mesh not internet on one node

Good day All.I'm running an ASUS Mesh Wifi with RT-AX59U and RT-AX56U routers connected via ethernet cable with the RT-AX59U being the main router which is connected to the fibre ONT and thus having the main internet connection. If roaming through my...


Hi,Im looking for the part number for my power adaptor for Asus DSL-AX82U Router ?I have mislaid my original charger and therefore looking for a replacement unit.  Most of the google searches relay to RT-AX82U which i believe is a different charger d...

Website blocked on RT-AX86U Pro

I can't figure out why ASUS is blocking a particular website. The website is not blocked if I use cellular to bypass ASUS.Errors displayed on the page: ERR_ADDRESS_INVALID, or ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSEDTried disabling: AIProtection, QoS, FirewallTried ch...

KG49 by Star III
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RT-AC66U B1 - Ai Mesh - Limited port speed

Hello, I have an ai mesh network with 2 RT-AC66U B1 for a couple of years. My desktop computer is wired connected to the ai mesh node, wich is wired connected to to main router. Today i started noticing slower speeds on the pc. After a firmware updat...


RT-AX58U max 450mb/s in adaptive QoS mode

Hi, i have 600mb/s internet and with QoS mode i have better performance in games. Why i have only 450mb/s max in this adaptive QoS mode? I want 600.. how fix it?

Adineq by Star I
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Resolved! Apple iPhone and MacBook connection issues on wifi

RT-AX86U Pro with dual-band smart connect enabled.A MacBook Air connected directly to the RT-AX86U Pro on 5ghz experiences slow connection and lags/drops frames during Zoom.An iPhone 13 Pro connected to an RT-AX55 node (ethernet backhaul) on 5ghz exp...

KG49 by Star III
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