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Xen Xt8 wifi - solid blue light on node

Hi - I have had a Xen XT8 wifi network for a few years and it was worked well. One of my nodes now has a solid blue light and is not working and I cannot seem to reconnect it to the network. Any ideas welcomed. 

Mesh wifi

If there is mesh Wi-Fi and you put up the first tower and connect it to the Internet provider's modem, do you have to turn off Wi-Fi in the modem so that it does not interfere with the mesh coverage?

Z590-A Gaming WiFi

Anyone experiencing problems with the internet connection while you are plugged in with a cable to the internet ?My z590 at random times probably once in a week will lose internet connection or I will get a blue screen and I’m thinking a faulty Ether...

whang by Star I
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Asus ET12 crashing

Hi, my Asus ET12 is crashing after a few weeks of use. I have 2 units which are connected through Wireless Backhaul (6GHz). The only way to make it work again is to shut down power, wait a few minutes and power it up again.I am using the latest softw...

AX6600 XT8 tri-band wireless node connection problem

I've been using two AX6600 devices as my router and a wireless node, to provide a MESH wireless network in my home, for nearly two years now. Today, my wireless node lost connection during normal usage and started flashing the blue LED. This happens ...

DDNS cannot connect

Dose any one know why the DDNS ( service from route shows Inactive. Seems like the router cannot update the IP address.

Asus ax3000v2 lag spikes

Hello guys,I had fiber connection from another ISP without lag spikes. I am changed ISP with better download/upload 1000/500mb broadband. Now i have in games like Fifa every 3 minutes lag spikes on PS5. I dont know where could be problem with my rout...

kazoo9 by Star I
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Resolved! Looking for an upgrade to RT-AX55

Hi,The RT-AX55 has been working for my network but I need to improve coverage in part of the house. I'm considering using this model as a node in a mesh network and finding an upgrade for the main unit.Any suggestions for a more recent model with enh...

KG49 by Star III
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