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Phone dead

My Zenfone 8 freezed during using, then gone off and from this time is dead. I had same issuses with zenfone 5s before. No ASUS anymore!!!

World Clock Map inaccuracies

I've noticed that the World Clock function of the Clock App does not really highlight the correct time zones on the world when specific City/Zones are selected.As you can see from the screenshot Paris (France) is selected, but the highlighted zone i...


Storage access bug

Hello. It appears there is a problem storage access to some apps, mostly games. I have tested this with two games: Call of Duty Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile. Call of duty mobile instantly crashes upon launch. I have emailed the developers but they ...

NFC SigmaLink

Hello,I have a problem with synchronizing routes from my bike computer with the Sigmalink app via NFC. On the other 4 phones, the route transfer works without problem, only on the ZF8 Android 12, the connection timeout error occurs. NFC payments work...

Rubbish Flagship

Sorry but after a usage of 1 year I can say that the Zenfone 8 compared to other phones which costs the half is a Rubbish Flagship. Hardware Problems, Software Problems always after an update. It doesn't matter where they came from wether Asus or 3rd...

Trawar by Star III
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Status of the hardware test application smmi_test

Hithe Android from ASUS for the Zenfone 8 contains a very handy hardware test app (SMMI_TEST). Unfortunately that test app does not run on Custom ROMs for the Zenfone 8 due to a not matching certificate.So question:Are custom ROM developers allowed t...

bnsmb by Star I
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Not getting whatsapp messages when phone sleeping

When I wake phone up all my messages get delivered at once. Also I do not get Whatsapp calls while phone is sleeping. I checked in the app permissions.Is there some kind of data saver or battery saver on that is causing this?

Guest mode

Hi, I can't find any guest mode or user accounts on ZF. Is there such function at all?

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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Swipe-down menu icons in Android 13?

Will you revert to the smaller icons in android 13 that was in the android 11 version? They are really big and awful in android 12. Stops me from updating. At least let us choose.This is possible to do, Samsung did it in their android 12.Br Mikael

Pliggen by Star II
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Screen mirroring bugged with Android 12

I've noticed that for awhile now (maybe since I updated to Android 12 on my Zenfone 8?), I almost always have to restart my phone before I can successfully screen mirror to my Chromecast. Normal app-driven Chromecasting works fine.Every Saturday for ...