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ZenFone 8 Chrome Artifacts after Android 13 update

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  • Model: ZenFone 8
  • FW 33.0210.0210.210
  • Not rooted
  • Frequent, consistent.
  • Chrome 110.0.5491.65

For some reason, since the Android 13 update, I get wierd artifacts in Chrome. I have not noticed it elsewhere, but in Chrome, even now, as I type this, you can see the artifacts

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have tried:

  • Rebooting
  • Clearing Chrome data and cache
  • Setting screen to 60hz

Any tips or advice? Any solutions?

Please see attached video for an example, literally as I tried to fill out this form...




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Same problem here, but I´m still on Andorid 12. Problem started soon after I got the upgrade notification, weird

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Having same issue as well.

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I'm not sure if folks are still having an issue, but I was able to fix mine by uninstalling the ASUS WebView app.  The ASUS WebView app was also updated around this time causing the image glitching in Chrome.  I tried clearing its cache & data, force closing & disabling it, but that didn't work.  Uninstalled it & it immediately fixed the issue.  The stock Android WebView can stay installed.  Hope this helps!

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