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Icons Pack

Deser Asus please bring back "Icons Pack" option for Zenfone 8

Tomson by Star I
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Desktop mode

Desktop mode is not working even after enabling it in developer mode. I have used many other phones it works only for Zenfone 8 it's not working. Does anyone have solution?

Series bug..

Hi.. on my Zenfone 8, since the last update, abot two month i guess, theres some serious and embarrassing for Asus bug in the system..When i pull down the top bar, it shows the mobile data and all the buttons as usual, and also when i pulled it out d...

is this a google thing or zenfone 8 thing?

im getting this weird thing were in google play my apps that need updating have a warning saying that there is not enough space, but actually have loads of space.

screenshot-20220609-210756916.jpg screenshot-20220609-210814833.jpg

Locked and damaged screen.

My asus zenfone is locked and the phone fell in water. I have retrieved and dried the phone and it shows signs of being on and also vibrates. I want to know how to retrieve my data and am using a DELL chromebook.

Night Mode problem since 31.1004.0404.107

Since the new bit closed the previous thread:https://zentalk.asus.com/en/discussion/58635/night-mode-problem-with-31-1004-0404-107

Blumi by Rising Star II
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5G logo appearing only after reboot and is stuck until next reboot

The below update mention that it fixed the 5G icon appearing but in fact, it just force the logo to appeared after a reboot and then the icon remain stuck whether you are using 5G or not. It only reverts back to 4G after another reboot. Each and ever...

LordTao by Star III
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