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Android auto does not work after Android 13 update

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Model Name:  ZenFone 8

Frequency of Occurrence: Every time

Since I have updated my Zenfone 8 to Android 13, Android auto does not work for me. The error message sais, I have tó reconnect phone in another slot, or use different cable. I tried this out, but same error message, Android auto can not connect to car. Are there any fixes? Does anyone faced with similar issue?




Hey @Vapaal 


Can you please update all Google-related apps/services from the Google Play store? 


Also, can you:


1. Test your phone with another car + another phone with your car to see if this issue only happens on the specific phone/ car. 

2. Can you share a screenshot of the error message

3. Share what Android auto, google app versions you have

4. Car model


Thank you! 



I cannot share the screenshot because it is in Hungarian. It sais it doesn't recognise phone and plug in to another slot or use another cable. I tried with 4 different cables, also the official Asus one, and in all slots in the car, the problem is still the same. I cannot check with other cars due to I do not have friends with a car what supports android auto. Android auto is Version: 8.8.630444-release, was updated 2 weeks ago. All Google related apps are up to date.

The issue is the same, since I updated the phone to 13 I cannot connect my phone to the car.

Wireless connection is working, but that is not an option due to in my country infotainment does not support.

Hi van you help me , my Asus zhen 8 not worki totally to Android auto, reboots updates cable changes do not help, each time at the conection for permission to transfer data over the cable and then everything dies