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Echo for caller - first minute only

Star I

I only recently got a ZenFone 8 and it has been updated to the newest Android 13 firmware. Completely stock. When making calls using the standard app, the person on the other end hears a terrible echo for the first minute of the conversation and then it suddenly fixes itself. It's incredibly frustrating. Anybody know any fixes?


Star III

It happens on normal calls or in hand mode? Have you checked other apps like messenger, Whatsapp, etc?

Yes normal calls in hand mode. At this stage I haven't tried other calling apps.

So check them, and we'll know if this is a physical microphone failure or a software bug.

Star I

I can confirm that it does the exact same thing when calling using a web-based app. Echo goes for the first minute (maybe 30 - 40 seconds) then suddenly stops.