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Can't find and install Netflix at the play store

Seems like for some reason the phone isn't supported by the Netflix. I haven't found anything on google about it... so this place looks like the right place to ask if anyone encountered any error like this.Android 12My Firmware: WW_31.1010.0411.138

In display fingerprint scanner active even in pocket mode.

I have a Zenfone 8. I have enabled the pocket mode which should prevents the screen from reacting to touches in pocket. However the in-display fingerprint scanner is always active and I always feel my phone vibrating in pocket rejecting the false fin...

Pycurry by Star I
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Can't send or receive MMS

I hope someone can help me. Since the update last month I can't send or receive MMS. I can't see the APN settings on my phone as well. It seems since the last update APN settings is no longer shown in the settings screen.

Ramdump Glitchy Boot + Blinking Red Light when plugging in

I got hit with the infamous Ramdump on my Zenfone 8. Tried every possible combination of side buttons all day, somehow randomly booted into the ramdump screen after hours of trying. I held the power and volume down (I believe this is fastboot) and th...

ramdump.jpg glitchy-loading-screen.jpg
litly by Star III
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Asus UnlockApp not working

Hello,I'm trying to unlock my zenfone 8 bootloader via the official Asus UnlockApp, but it's not working.After accepting all and pressed the button to unlock, the app gave me the message "Failed to unlock your device, please try again later.[21003]"I...

dibi91 by Star I
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No "Require device unlock for NFC" option

The option "Require device unlock for NFC" is missing in the NFC menu. That is a serious security hole since NFC can be enabled via the quick settings even on locked screen. That allows everyone who holds the phone to make undesired transactions (for...

How to disable voice mail notifications

I keep receiving annoying voice mail notifications, how can I completely disable them ?I don´t have any interest whatsover in occasional voicemails, especially since it´s only errors in most cases.

Fonseca by Star I
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