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Audio drop outs- People can't hear me (but I can hear them)

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Hi everyone. Issue with zenfone for months so it can't really be used as a phone which is an issue. It doesn't always do it, but frequently when I call someone, they can only hear every 1 out of about every 3 words I'm saying and say the sound seems to be dropping in and out. I can hear them perfectly.

Not a sim issue (sim works ok in another phone.) Not a reception issue. (Happens when phone saying reception is good.) Mic seems ok when recording voice locally so I don't think it's a hardware issue with the mic.

Did a factory reset and it seemed to fix the problem for about a week then recurred.

Have been in contact with ASUS support who have been worse than useless for every problem I've had with this phone (it's had a number of issues.) Unfortunately it was a week out of warranty so only option is to send it in, pay about $200 in postage and fees so they can look at it and may or may not be able to fix it (for extra costs), and won't have a phone for at least a month so not really an option. If I can't fix it (sounds like a software issue?) I'll need to replace it (with a non Asus phone, this one's been a disaster.)

Has anyone had a similar issue or can offer a suggestion? Would be very appreciated.


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Hi:  I have somewhat the opposite problem.  I call; initially can hear other party; then realize I'm talking but not hearing them. I'm on TMobile in the US.  Also, this phone doesn't seem to support VoWi-Fi.  The most recent call I was on (when this problem happened) was with TMobile to ask about at least getting VoLTE to work.  I "think" when I first got the phone (a month ago) I saw VoLTE in the status bar.  The phone came w/ Android 11 which then went quickly through 2 upgrades to Android 13 and now I no longer see the VoLTE in status bar.  Cheers