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Broken Screen, phone works but cannot access it via HDMI or other ways

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I dropped my Zenfone 8 on a concrete path and it fell face first. Cracking and smashing most of the screen.

It still alive under the rubble of the breakage and screen. But I cannot access it. As no fingers or touches make it do anything. The screen is pitch black.

I need to switch USB debugging on or give Windows 10 permission to access the phone's files when I connect it to a PC. So, I can back it up.

No point in screen repair so will need another new phone and migrate the data to it.

Help with this will be highly appreciated. I have spent most of 12 hours looking for a solution.

How can I do this? It tried a USB hub with a mouse and connected it to my TV with a HDMI connector. But nothing shows on the TV, as it works for other people with android phones in YT helper videos.

How do I access the phone to back off all the data.





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Hi. Zenfone 8, as same as 9 and 10 supports only USB 2.0, so HDMI/DisplayPort isn't supported by this generation of USB. Yes, I know, some old phones with micro USB 2.0 had this feature, but only because they had MHL technology. Zenfones doesn't have it.

So there is no way to broadcast your screen to TV or monitor via cable. You can use Chromecast, but it will be hard to enable it, when your phone's screen doesn't work...