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Help Request: Salvage/Pull data using ADB/fastboot?

Rising Star I


my Zenfone 8 is also failing. Seems to be caught in a loop/endless loading. Symptoms started a week ago, couple of random reboots I thought nothing of it. Today it random rebooted and is just stuck on the Zenfone "dancing dots" logo.

I can't start in Safe mode. The only way to get my phone to turn off or do anything other than dancing dots is to hold vol down + power, and then vol up to get to the bootloader.

I can get to fastboot/recovery, but that's about it. Miffed as I only bough this phone last June. It's been just over a year.

The phone is completely bone stock, no unlock, no root... am I able to either reinstall an OTA update and fix the booting problem (keeping user data intact?) or pull my data off using some commands to copy it off the phone to my computer?

I have access to PC and Linux. Any help would be appreciated. Looked up a few guides but all I've seen requires you to be rooted/unlocked bootloader.


Rising Star I

Well I guess I'm royally screwed now because adb devices shows unauthorized and fastboot wouldn't let me temporarily boot custom recovery... I just reformatted my computer like a month ago I guess I didn't RSA authorize.

Looking at other user's experiences:

Seems like this product failing prematurely or just after warranty is a common problem. What is ASUS going to do for me?

Based on your situation description, it is recommended to contact the service center at your location to send your phone for repair. Once you have submitted it for repair, please provide me with your RMA NO, and I will ask the local service team to assist you with your case.  I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Hello there. Thank you for replying publicly and privately.

I did a bunch of reading and research and now I'm just in the situation of "ok I can't figure this out on my own". So I am inclined to service but I just have a couple of questions (apologies if you've answered in PM, I haven't checked yet -- could be helpful for others though as well so I ask).


What is the local service center? I looked at authorized repair centers and the nearest one to me is Microcenter in Tustin. Are you saying reach out directly to them? Or contact Asus support? I chatted with Asus support and got disconnected a couple of times and then just told everything would be a fee. I believe it was $85 just to assess it, and an unknown charge for any repairs. And that would not keep my data =(

Am I able to have the "userdata" preserved? Will they tell me what actually went wrong? My main concern is if it is the hardware or the software. Will they replace parts and send me my actual unit back? Or will I get a refurb in poor cosmetic condition (mine is *mint*, as explained above).

Sorry to bombard you with questions you may have already answered. I'll go ahead and check my PMs and if everything's gravy proceed and accept this answer as solution.

Thank you for replying I wasn't sure what recourse I had. I'm sure you can relate we all get way too anxious when our phones don't work. Moreso than I'd like to admit.

I have replied to your message again, please check.
Thank you.