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Phone dead, won't turn on anymore

Rising Star I

Phone dead, won't turn on anymore. It was charged, I had just used it, when I realized it had turned off and there was no way to restart it. I tried to keep it connected to the charger anyway and then tried to turn it on in every way without success. Has it happened to anyone? How did you solve it? Can it be the battery or how do I think the motherboard?
It is still under warranty but given the bad reputation of the assistance service I would be tempted to show it from another service center in my city.



Based on your situation description, it is recommended to contact the service center at your location to send your phone for repair. Once you have submitted it for repair, please provide me with your RMA NO, and I will ask the local service team to assist you with your case.  I have sent you a message, you can provide your contact information and RMA No through the message. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Rising Star I

He has been in assistance for a long time but I have not yet seen my phone, it will be for the summer holiday period.
I hope at least they are able to solve and that they send it back working so I sell it and goodbye Asus.

Hi @Menhir65 


Please reach out to the service center for an update on your device. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.