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Waiting for flashing full ramdump...

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I have just bought my brand new Zenfone 8 from x-kom shop and the phone hanged during initial setup, after i connected WiFi. I was expecting some updates, but it was taking like an hour so i restarted the phone. It hanged again on ASUS logo and waiting there for 5-8 minutes and started to turn off after that time. I tried to restart from bios level (keeping all 3 buttons pressed menu). It didn't help. Next I've tried cleaning bootloader and it didn't help as well. I finally decided to use recovery option and restore to factory settings. The process hanged and I can see a lot of text and green "Waiting for flashing full ramdump...". And it is like that for 2 hours already. I think the phone is dead. I suspect some bad sectors in RAM - at least this is my theory. I would explain why phone hangs while reaching a certain sectors of memory and when it reaches bad sector and loads data there, phone hands. Is there any fix for this, or I need to return the phone?



If you are experiencing issues with a newly purchased product, I would recommend that you communicate with the retailer to inquire about the possibility of a return or exchange. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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what is the Manufacturing Date on the box?

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Actually, I have returned the product already. The reason i created this post it that i wanted to know if there is maybe some solutuon which may help me to avoid returning the product, as i did not want to wait for new product for days.

Sorry, I didn't check the date on the box.