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Yet another "Waiting for flashing full ramdump" on zenfone 8

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Seems that I'm one of the (too many?) unlucky folks that have gotten this problem with the Zenfone 8; I was simply charging my phone and... voilà!

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-17 at 22.28.59.jpeg 


I've been reading multiple threads, hoping that there's some sort of fix that doesn't require sending the phone somewhere to get it repaired and not see it for weeks; but more importantly, a fix that doesn't imply losing all the data. I use it for work-related activities , and this is a very bad situation to be in.

Really hope that someone has some useful tip.

I'm shocked and puzzled in finding out so many occurrences of this issue. What is Asus doing to prevent it from happening again? Also, is this kind of failure still under warranty, even if i had my phone for just a little more than 2 years?


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What is the Manufacturing Date on the original box? MFD

Hi! I Don't have the box anymore; i still have the warranty form, but i don't see any date written there.

I've come to the conclusion that there's nothing you can do, at least to save your data. I've scoured the XDA forums and android central and other areas. It's a defective part. They'll most likely cover it with a warranty replacement of the motherboard. As well they should as: a) we've done absolutely nothing wrong to deserve this, and b) if all of their Zenfone 8s die just out of warranty period that's serious bad press for new and returning customers and from the tech community (think Jayz two cents, GamersNexus, etc.). I imagine they will have you send it in for service and you will more than likely lose all of your data. Could be wrong, but that's been my experience so far.

Make sure you buy a $50 craigslist or ebay replacement phone before sending it in though! Parts apparently take 3-4 weeks to arrive (sent my device in on 8/21 and the "waiting for parts to arrive" date has changed twice so far) and you don't want to be out of a device while you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

The moderators here are good and responsive though. The customer service and service techs may leave some to be desired. YMMV. Best of luck!



Thanks for sharing, and sorry for the bad experience even with the servicing portion.

Agree that the moderators are quite responsive, so kudos to them. Had a good experience with the support team so far. But we'll see 😅 .

I got a new phone, which will be the actual replacement of my Zenfone8; once i get it back and repaired, i'll keep it as a backup phone. I don't trust Asus to be my primary phone anymore 😤; to me, it is absolutely unacceptable to get this type of unrecoverable error.