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Unlock Bootloader for Zenfone 8

Star II

I am oberving news on the Internet and I would like to ask if anyone knows if unlocking Bootloader for Zenfone 8 will be back in use. I've bought this phone to be able to choose what system I would like to use on it.

For example on this forum topic it is mentioned that unlocking application should be shortly back (in Q3).

But on the contrary with newer versions of Asus it is advised that unblocking bootloader will be impossible, so I got a bit scared about my Zenfone 8:

At the same time there is not app for unblocking on Asus website.

Do you know where to search for more information?


Rising Star II

I second this.


This phone has, with the stop of security updates, become a brick to me, since lineage and other aftermarket OS are not supported any more.


Well thank you Asus.

Rising Star II

Asus has generally gone off the rails lately...

They ignore users, ignore problems, don’t acknowledge problems!

It seems to me that they will not return the ability to unlock the bootloader...

Rising Star II

I'd need to unlock the bootloader now so I am able to work with the phone. I mean it still is a sweet piece of hardware. But without proper software it will become a brick to me by the end of the month.

and we are in the same situation with thousands of people...