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Low Audio volume on wired headphones

HelloI have Asus zenfone 8 I have issues with a low sound output for wired headphones. Quiet sound for some reason. If you add all programs, including the player through which you listen to music, In game genie, the sound becomes loud, but once you o...

Zenfone 8 wifi keeps disconnecting

Title says it all. My wifi keeps disconnecting and doesn't even reconnect. It's not the network as my old S7 does just fine and the zenfone 8 of my brother is fine too. Is there anything I can try before returning it?

Can't manually update Zenfone 8

Hi everyone I installed firmware (11), android 12 beta and android 13 beta and everything didn't work. I can't receive OTA Updates because i had an unlocked bootloader. I relocked it some time ago, but since the unlock app isn't available...

Mahir49 by Star I
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Big camera bug on .296

On zf8 within .296 (latest?)When recording video with stabilizer on, it cut the soundtrack from the end, it depends the length of the video, when it starting to do that.This need to be fixed asap.

Zenfone 8 speaker no working

Exactly 1 year of using asus zenfone 8I think after updated android 13 zenfone 8 speaker suddenly not working after i playing games maybe 1 hours the warranty has ended suddenly can I get an additional warranty ? previously I never experienced proble...

Email addresses not showing in keyboard suggestions bar

Just did a factory reset and have successfully recovered look and feel and all preferred behaviours with one annoying exception. Previously after a very brief "learning" phase and along with many other very appropriate and welcome offerings, email ad...

fergusd84 by Rising Star I
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VoLTE/VoWiFi in Plus Carrier Poland (mods pls read)

Hello, as the Zenfone 9 and Zenfone 10 recently got VoLTE and VoWiFi support in Polish Carrier Plus (Zenfone 9 is even certified), and Plus doesn't use a whitelist to block or not these functions like Orange, is it possible to add configuration to th...

Audio balance control

Zenfone 833.0210.0210.296Rooted noHi,I've been looking for a balance control (L/R) for audio but can't find it. Have checked in accessibility as suggested but there is only a toggle to mono option. There is no balance control. Can anyone help please?...

Iand by Star I
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wifi not work zenfone 8 after android 13 upgrade

exactly 1 year of using asus zenfone 8 suddenly wifi doesn't work, hotspot doesn't work, and GPS doesn't work properly. all this started when I upgraded to android 13.the warranty has ended suddenly an event like this happened. can I get an additiona...