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does not attach / browse files in any browser

Star I

For some time, 2-3 weeks maybe, I am not able to browse for files to attach in any browser. By default I use Firefox, secondly Brave. Same results. Regardless I click on paperclip on email website, try to post picture on Facebook (in web browser as I do not use apps) or ironically also in here where it says browse to attach file with problem. There is no reaction. No message of any kind, nothing. Very annoying and makes my phone (Zenfone 😎 non usable even though I got it for like 2-3 months so far. It was all good before. I try to look for some options like in security or apps options, tryied everything. Once again my attitude to disable any updates is on top. Sadly I was not aware I can do it in developers mode. Updates of any kind sucks... Of course I reinstalled Firefox, cleared cookies, no results. I think for some reason phone limits access to disc or pictures for apps but there is no way I can make any changes. Please help. After initial nice experience with phone I am very disappointed right now.