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Torch has been renamed to flashlight in recent update?

Just got this phone, which I'm enjoying, and in amongst the slew of updates I was pleasantly surprised to see the light correctly named "torch," but then one of the final updates has renamed it to "flashlight" for some reason, despite me using the En...

Wifi not working

Wifi Dan hotspot saya tidak menyala, terus hp saya malah reboot, gimana ini?

Hilman1 by Star I
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Has anyone de-googled their Zenfone?

I just got a refurbished Zenfone 8 and am really enjoying using it, but I value privacy and hate how Google has unrestricted permissions I can't seem to change.Was wondering if anyone has de-googled their Android. The only OS with explicit support fo...

dexie by Star I
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Zenfone 8 died after android 13 update

Unable to detect wifi after android 13 update and now, my phone literally died. I will no longer purchase any asus product anymore. This is a flagship phone I am not expecting this from a flagship phone. Do not buy zenfone 9 or 10. You might suffer t...

No more Asus - I advise against buying this hardware

I advise against buying Asus equipment, because when something breaks down, the manufacturer does not care about the costs to which the user is exposedWithin 2 years of purchase, the phone broke for the second time.Here is a description of the faults...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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WiFi not working : Asus Zenfone 8

 As you can see, Wi-Fi can't turned on same as hotspot tethering. This happened after I upgraded to Android 13. Can someone please help me 

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