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Phone Idle - high battery drain (almost 30%)

Hello there,I've been experiencing (since last week i guess) some big usage (28,5%) of "phone idle" in my battery usage menu. I havent changed anything since last time my battery was doing allright. Have all updates, last one is 31.1010.0411.138. Al...


lashing Full Ramdump:

tengo problemas con mi celular, andaba jugnado y de la nada se me apago quiise encenderlo perono lo logre lo deje cargando y me aparecio: lashing Full Ramdumpno se como solucionarlo y en Guatemala no hay soporte tecnico

BkSpc / FwdDel

When editing or refining text on my previous phone the BkSpc key magically became FwdDel when there was nothing left to backspace. Astonishing how convenient this was and how frequently it occurred. Can anything be done to achieve this configuration ...

notifications on the locked screen

When receiving a notification in Zenfone 5, it was the text application that lit up in different colors, from whom and the theme, and quite brightly - I took a look, appreciated, then you do your business. Here, a muddy window is fixed, barely visibl...

notifications on the locked screen

Hi, In Zenfone 5, it was the text that lit up in different colors: the application, the sender, the subject, and quite brightly, I took a look, appreciated, then you do your business. Here, a muddy window is fixed, barely visible, and what is there i...

Always on panel clock style edit

Hello! Why is it not possible to change the clock style in always on panel in my zenfone 8? Will this be possible in android 13? Also, notifications appear in the alway-on panel with a delay of several seconds, is it possible to fix it?

Wifi n hotspot problem

Hi guys. I want to ask. Why my Zenfone 8 WiFi and hotspot cannot use? After I restart,ever reboot (reset) all factory mobile still not working. Can someone advice me some solution please. 

Battery draining very fast

So I was playing Pokémon GO for about an hour and lost 60% of my battery life. Around 50% is categorised as "others". Is this normal or is my phone defect? I've tried factory reset and rebooted my phone, but the same issue continues.

screenshot-20221202-175331896.jpg screenshot-20221202-175321480.jpg

Youtube Autoplays after pausing

Youtube videos will play automatically 5 seconds after you press the pause button. Extremely infuriating and only happens on zenfones. Please fix

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