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Dissatisfied with my Zenfone 8 and Support

Star I

So I posted the following issue...

and reply promptly, I get no response back and then the bot closes the thread due to inactivity.

Well ignoring the issue hasn't resolved the issue with my Zenfone 8 which is basically totally useless at answering calls with a headset. 

You can take the call with a headset whilst the phone is in your pocket,  however the screen switches on, it then jiggles round in your pocket, eventually hits the red button on the screen to end the call.  Basically to take a call with the headset you have to pull the phone out and switch off the screen and put it back in your pocket. 

The other issue is that when someone calls the ringtone is coming through the headset at full volume, which is basically at a level high enough to damage your hearing.  

I've also logged this issue...

Which was also basically ignored.

I think this is the last Asus mobile phone I'm ever going to buy. 

It's a $1000 phone with basic features that don't work and no support and with every update you apply, the issues only seem to get worse.   The device is solid and well built, its a shame that its let down by poor support and inadequately tested software updates.