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What is the cost of Zenphone 8 motherboard in US?

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My phone died last night after almost two years of no issues. It doesn't power back on, no LED when plugged in, no way to reset, just nothing. In doing some research it seems the motherboard may need replacement, but after chatting with CS, they only provide the option of paying an $85 diagnostic fee to determine the cause. I just would like to know upfront that if the motherboard needs replacement, how much does that cost? Additionally, I'd like to know why is Asus not covering faulty motherboards if known to be defective. Can anybody here in the US share a quote for replacing the motherboard? Thanks!


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What is the MFD on the original box?

August of 2021. 

It is very bad news because the community thought that the 2021/04-06 series could be die... because of bad solder paste.

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In scouring the internet the last few days there seems to be a good amount of people that do have the same issue - powers off and doesn't return. My concern is that Asus knows this is/was an issue and while I might be outside official warrenty, I don't see why I should pay for such a fundamental fault in the device. If it was 4-5 years old, ok - it died, move on. Not even two years. ASUS, if you are reading this how do I send my phone in for diagnostics and repair/replacement WITHOUT paying a $85 fee for "diagnostics" fee and certainly not paying for a faulty phone? 

I'm looking at the Pixel 7a, and leaving Asus given this experience.