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Zenfone 8 and Huawei

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Hello friends. Does anyone has any problems with Huawei smart watches? A year ago I bought a Huawei gt2. Magnificent smart watch. Everything worked properly and after the update from android 12 to 13 I had a lot of problems with the proximity sensor and calls. After the end of the calls the screen was dead and i had to do reset the phone. I sent it to Czech Republic to central service in Europe. They made a hard rest and they told me everything works okay but when I installed the Huawei health application the same problem appeared again. The solve to my problem was to buy another device to have it with me and the second is that I'm thinking to choose another smart watch, nit Huawei, but I think again if I will have the same problem.I'm an asus fun for about 10 years buying asus products (asus rog laptops, zenfone 3 etc) but know I think again if I will buy again a "premium device" if Asus. Does anyone has the same problem with me?


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For me, Huawei Band 4, Honor/Huawei Scale 2 with Health app, working without problems.

Are you updated your watch firmware to the latest? and also, the app itself is that updated to the latest? (

Everything is updated with the newest updates, firmwares, security patches. Yeserday I installed again the health app and it worked fine, today the same problem. I think I Will buy something else. 

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I'm using Huawei watch GT2 (LTN-B19) and I have Huawei Health installed (with updating module) and I did not observed proximity sensor glitches. You sure it's proximity sensor? I've experienced light sensor glitches where the phone thought i'ts in total darkness. It stopped suddenly after some android update or just reboot. I'm not sure. So check if this is not brightness issue too.

Here's my topic about this issue.

Hello my friend and Thank's for the reply. It is very strange.  Everything is updated, the app, the watch, the device. Maybe its the light sensor. The strangest of all is that when I uninstall the app health everything works fine! I will try for last time to fix the problem with the solution that you propose me with the light sensor. I am very very disappointed with asus and that stops me to buy the new zenfone 10. I can't give 1000 euros and have the same problems. The strangest of all is that I bought a xiaomi smartwatch a cheap one (50 euros) and with the xiaomi health app everything works perfect.... I noticed that when I do calls, and I do a lots of them during the day, the device the device starts rise temperature at the right top side. Maybe the rised temperature affects. I don't know. ...

And look at the video what happens...

Uploaded by Alexandros Stergiou on 2023-08-15.