When my AC Adapter is plugged in, there are grey lines and a green flicker, how do I fix this?

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  1. System: ASUS Vivobook S512FLC
  2. Battery or AC: Battery
  3. Model: Vivobook S512FLC
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Random
  5. Screenshot or video: Attached


Detailed description:When the AC Adapter is plugged in on Windows 11, I normally will see grey lines and a green flicker randomly flash on my screen. I updated the BIOS on my computer to the version released in May 2021 and updated the graphics, camera, and chipset drivers. I also sent it in for repair to an ASUS repair center and they replaced the applicable parts. However, when I have manycam virtual webcam running in the background and select it as an option (instead of the normal webcam) when joining a video chat, then there is no issue. When I use manycam by itself, the problem still exists. This issue is not present on Ubuntu (a distribution of Linux). I have contacted Microsoft numerous times and they have not provided a working solution. How do I fix this issue?


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    Since the situation you reported seems to be encountered only under certain operations, can I ask if the similar situation will also occur under other operations? For example: playing games or watching videos. If the same situation does not occur in other operations, I would recommend that you report this situation to the software manufacturer (manycam virtual webcam) for confirmation. Thank you.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Recently, I noticed am still having the issue with manycam (even when it is running in the background) and the default installed webcam application (Windows 11 Camera application); it also occurs on all video chat applications I have on Windows. However, when using Linux distribution Ubuntu I do not have any issues.

    In short, the issue is only on Windows, but when using Ubuntu (Linux) there are no issues.

    For clarification, the flicker and flash is on the webcam's display, not my screen.


    thecoolgeek 🙂

  • @thecoolgeek

    Yes, if there is no problem under the Linux system, but only in the Microsoft system, it means that the hardware itself has no problem, but it may be caused by the compatibility between the software under the Microsoft system.

    Since you mentioned that it happens when using this app (manycam virtual webcam), I would recommend you to report this situation to the app manufacturer. Or you can consider restoring the system. In the pure OS condition, install the app directly to confirm whether the problem still exists.

    Thank you.

  • @Falcon_ASUS

    In the past, I have restored my computer numerous times and the problem still exists. The issue is on the default camera application as well and existed before I installed manycam.

  • @thecoolgeek

    Could you please provide a video of your operation process for reference?

    In addition, what are the system version, BIOS version, and manycam virtual webcam version you are currently using?

    Thank you.

  • @Falcon_ASUS

    I will provide a video later as the glitch is spontaneous and is sometimes hard to get video of (however, a photo is available in the first post).

    System version: ASUS Vivobook S512FLC

    BIOS version: 304

    manycam version: manycam free (I could not find the version number.)

    This issue also does not occur when I connect an external webcam to my computer and use that external webcam.

    Thanks 😃


  • @Falcon_ASUS I am following up with the ETA on this forum.

  • @thecoolgeek

    Could you please provide me with a video of the phenomenon in question?

    Thank you.

  • Got it. Please give me a few days. I have been very busy with my current schedule.

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