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Mb165b to ios

Hi,Can anyone enlighten me regarding the compatibility between mb165b and ios phone

Cleyion by Visitor
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Ask About Zenbook UX3405MA

i just bought Zenbook UX3405MA.I received news from my seller that this unit had to be fully charged when I first bought it before i turn on the laptop and setup for the first time.I already setup for the first time and i just turned off again and wi...

Zenbook Pro Duo 2024 Questions

Hi there, I purchased a 15" Pro Duo UX582LR about 2 years ago now, and I've been very happy with it overall. The 2nd screen comes in handy quite often, and I feel like the Pro Duo could be my choice for next upgrade, however I'm confused about a few ...

Magnets.. I mean Asus Pixel Shift: How does it Work?

Okay, so I realize this might be a bit of a deep-dive subject for a forum, but I figured I'd ask anyway.I've gotten the 'short' explanation for how Pixel-shift works, but I'm curious if anyone at Asus has done a deeper dive on *how* the tech works, i...

Cancellation of shipping RMA

Hey there.This morning I went through the process of ordering an RMA for my ZenBook. The process was alright, yet, I made a mistake about which date the collection should be, and would therefore like to have it cancelled. I have contacted support thr...

Power light

Hello, my Asus ZenBook 14 is only a year old. Yesterday I powered on and the light came on, the screen didn't load for some reason, after a few minutes it suddenly came on, now today the screen won't even come on again after countless hard resets. An...

Da3 by Star I
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Strix 3080ti fan died + clicking noise

I've had this card for two years. Over the weekend, I noticed a clicking sound coming from my computer, but wasn't able to do more than shut it down at the time.I just had a look at the thang ding, and one of the fans isn't running at all. I could re...

gazzo by Star I
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UM535QE Some keys not working intermittently

Some keys on my laptop (specifically the w, r, u, i, [, ],  2  and 5 on numpad, the back arrow key, volume up and down, brightness up and down, (F2, F3, F4, F5)) sometimes do not work. The weird part is that it is all or nothing. Either all of them d...