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New ASUS Vivobook 15 X1505ZA-OLED

I was about to order the x1505ZA laptop in Manila, Philippines, but was told by the retailer (Villman) that this model does not have the Iris Xe GPU card only UHD. This model is sold in the Philippines with 1x 8GB RAM onboard running in single channe...

FrankW by Star I
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Asus X541U i5 battery detected but not charging

I have an ASUS laptop X541U,the battery detected with a fixed level 75% (not increase or decrease) and when I unplug the AC adapter the laptop turn off. I tried to reset it by removing the battery and holding the power button but usually i have the s...

gmiden by Star I
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Just a quick question about battery care (s14 flip 12500H)

Dear Falcon_ASUS,In my previous post you told me:"...with the current laptop, when the battery is completely discharged, it will enter a protection mode. Please make sure not to go without charging or turning it on for more than six months.". I think...

grgczyz by Star I
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Does the Vivobook 16x PRO not support 4K?

Hello.My laptop keeps having problems with video. After some time after reboot, various scrolling artifacts appear (google maps, discord). GPU percentage rises to 40% when moving a window. Then everything starts to slow down, including animations in ...

Vivobook X515AE Shuts Down Whenever Power is Plugged in

Recently I've been facing an issue with my vivobook again, but this time it's quite worse than the previous one. Whenever I charge my laptop it shuts down and not stopping restarting. It's acting just like when you press and hold power button without...

Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

Hello! I have the Asus X571GT, and lately I've been having a lot of problems with the Bluetooth on my laptop.I have a Logitech mouse connective via Bluetooth, but over the weekend the mouse lost connection with the computer. At first I thought it was...

VivoBook Pro 17 N705U W10- can't restart from sleep mode

Hi,Over the last few months I have had an issue with my VivoBook Pro 17 where if the computer is on but unattended for more than a few minutes after screen and/or computer goes into sleep mode (not sure if the issue is specific to the screen or compu...

CMcK by Star I
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