External webcam flickers on Zoom/Teams but not on Win10 camera/video

moez.bawaniamoez.bawania Level 1
edited April 2021 in VivoBook
  1. System: Win10, Vivobook S15 X532FA
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Multiple times a day
  4. Reset OS: Not sure what this means.
  5. Screenshot or video: available upon request (it says I can't post links)


Detailed description:

I use an external webcam connected via USB. It flickers quite a bit on Zoom or Teams when power is plugged in, but doesn't flicker on the Win10 camera/video viewer. Also, flickers a bit when on battery but not a lot.

Tested the same external webcam on two other devices and it doesn't flicker at all on those so it seems it is something to do with the Vivobook.


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