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ASUS UM425IA Display Issues: Mysterious Flickering and Blackouts

Star I

I've been encountering some perplexing issues with my laptop display, and despite multiple attempts to diagnose the problem, I'm reaching out to our community for insights and assistance.

The problem is intermittent, making it challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. At times, the display flickers, and slowly parts of it turn black, with variations such as the middle or bottom section being affected. Strangely, it doesn't occur consistently – sometimes the laptop works flawlessly, and other times the issue arises, particularly during activities like watching videos.

Interestingly, I power off the laptop and restart it, during the boot process, it captures a session of the previous Windows window and displays that cached image. This phenomenon also occurs when accessing the BIOS, where a snapshot of the desktop from the previous session is visible.

Curiously, when the laptop was sent to ASUS service center in Bangladesh, they couldn't replicate the issue upon receipt, leading to its return without a resolution. Meanwhile, a local service center observed the problem but speculated it might be OS-related, suggesting a link to the SSD. Can anyone tell, if a display issue may arise due to OS or SSD? Should I reset SSD and re-install the OS?

I'm reaching out to our knowledgeable community hoping that someone may have experienced a similar challenge or can offer insights into potential solutions. 

-Aliv Jauad



I would recommend checking if the issue persists in Safe Mode. Additionally, considering your description, if you have concerns about system issues, it is indeed advisable to try restoring the system and then continue using it. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.