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ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump

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As requested by the mod - opening new discussion for the issue.
The Flashing Full Ramdump happened to me too - the phone was being charged over the night and the error was waiting when I woke up.
I hope that at least your service will fix it quickly.
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I bought the phone from Europe 5 months ago. Mfd april so I guess the next month I will have the same problem, as everyone has it at 6 months and mfd april

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Everyone is a little exaggerated...

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New update security

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When do they update with Android 12.?

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I guess it looks like the ramdump issue has slowed down or stopped massively.
I haven't seen recently any new submissions here.

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Ramdump, Manufactured 2021.07. Asus refuses to fix under warranty because I purchased a "non official" product in Hong Kong.
A few weeks I was able to recover by holding down power + volume down, but now it refuses to turn on.