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Asus Zenfone 8 Mobile Data Connectivity Issues

Hello everyone,So, just a few days ago I've purchased a brand new Asus Zenfone 8, but I'm already thinking of sending it back, because I've got incredibly frustrated over what's going on with mobile data connection.Basically, the issue is, as follows...

Less bass after repair.

I was one of the unfortunate people who's phone bricked itself. I now have it back from being repaired, but noticed that the sound isn't as good. The sound isn't bad, but the bass seems to be way lower. I've have it set to maximum, but it's not all t...

Lammy by Star III
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Best Mobile I Ever Use

I played a game like Traffic Rider which I downloaded from allwpzone.com and played on many mobile phones but that game lags when I use high-resolution graphics. But then one of my friends told me about zenfone 8 and I buy that mobile and played some...

Dollar by Star I
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Strange photo artifacts

I took the below photo at daylight at a building roof. There are many strange artifacts that is not hardware fault as it also took good picture in a series.The computation often does this with moving objects too. Like double hands or legs.

laci_kara by Rising Star I
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Another bug report - Notification system on different platforms

Hello staff, This is my third or fourth bug report for the zenfone 8. This is a minor bug report but still pretty annoying in some cases. I wanted to tell you that the notification system on some apps gets stuck if you're using the same account on di...

Kleshar by Star III
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Anyone tried the new firmware WW-

In the support page there is a new firmware available WW_30.11.51.112 for JP Only (released date: 20.08.2021).Has anyone tried it?Release Notes:1. Improved power consumption & thermals2. Improved the image quality of ASUS Camera and Messenger3. Optim...

LED near selfie camera

Hello guys,I have order this phone and it should arrive next week.I have watched review videos and saw that sometimes LED light near selfie camera shines green.Can somebody explain me what the LED light near selfie camera is for?Kind regards.

5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi on Cosmote Greece

HelloIs there anything we can do so Asus can add Cosmote Greece to the list of 5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi compatibility? It's a shame I've bought a top device and I don't have all the connectivity it's supposed to provide.