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ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump

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As requested by the mod - opening new discussion for the issue.
The Flashing Full Ramdump happened to me too - the phone was being charged over the night and the error was waiting when I woke up.
I hope that at least your service will fix it quickly.
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@Blumi what? ramdump on the new motherboard so what could the serviece screw up? (They don't repair, they replace) xD

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They replaced the motherboard, hence they repaired the phone. Since the new mb broke again - once in over 40 ramdump cases within this forum - and that shortly after being replaced, I suppose there was another issue. This is normal serial spread.

And I mean a Mainboard is a critical part. It could break out of various reasons - you could tighten a screw to much or break a pin to kill it.

I suppose it is not a bomb in our pockets.

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I have the same issue and also tried restarting the phone via bootloader, which didn't work for me. I got easily into bootloader, but restarting or poweroff followed by normal start always brought me back into "Waiting for flash..." error. I tried it many times and it just didn't work.

But, I found one method which worked for me from pure despair:

1) wait 30 minutes in "waiting screen" - Maybe it's not necessary, but I did it for the first time by coincidence and this method worked. When I didn't wait for some time, the method didn't work...
2) get to bootloader screen (i.e. hold all three buttons and release power and then volume keys only after bootloader menu appears for few seconds) and power off the phone via bootloader menu.
3) wait 5 minutes
4) hold power button for 1-2 seconds to startup as normally until first logo appears, and right after that release power button and start pushing and releasing (i.e. not holding continuously) both volume buttons at once as quickly as possible. Keep "clicking" both volume buttons and the phone should display Qualcomm icon and boot normally.
5) If it doesn't boot normally and ends in Waiting error, restart it via holding power button for a long time and releasing until the first icon appears. Then again as in step #4 release power and keep pushing both volume buttons.
I know the method sounds crazy and probably won't work for many people, but this worked for me three times and allowed me at least to migrate via wifi all data, so maybe it will save also somebody else...
Good luck

Yet another case in Sweden, my wife's phone just went black and stone dead. Mfd 2021-04 bought on release date...

I myself also has the same phone bought in September but has the same mfd worried it will happen to mine as well ofc...

Will contact the reseller and see what they say, unfortunately there is a little crack on her screen from months ago, and only the glas no other issues with it but I guess they can reject it due to that. We'll see

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I bought the phone from Europe 5 months ago. Mfd april so I guess the next month I will have the same problem, as everyone has it at 6 months and mfd april

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I bought the phone from Europe 5 months ago. Mfd april so I guess the next month I will have the same problem, as everyone has it at 6 months and mfd april

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Not true, mine is manufactured in April and running since June 🤷🏻‍♂️

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