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ZenFone8 stuck on waiting for flashing full ramdump

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As requested by the mod - opening new discussion for the issue.
The Flashing Full Ramdump happened to me too - the phone was being charged over the night and the error was waiting when I woke up.
I hope that at least your service will fix it quickly.
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Ramdump, MFD 2021.04, bought in July. it had happened earlier this month but I managed to recover, didn't think much about it. Now it's bricked. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess since warranty is gonna pick it up for repair but I'd really rather go with another brand than wait for it to happen again. Asus has already said that only after two replaced parts can they offer a refund... I can't stand keeping that phone given the incredible disdain they have for their clients on this issue. You'd think they'd warn their customers and maybe even propose free cloud space. And I feel bad trying to sell it to someone else but I guess that's my only option now...

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I joined the ramdump club today, so suck. @Gustav_ASUS , please give us solution.

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sad, i just got ramdump after my warrnty void

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Another victim to the list.. Zenfone 8 just died all of a sudden without any prior symptoms. Warranty just nice ended. Was loving this phone but hate the strategy used by Asus. Smart move to brick all the flagship phones once warranty expires. Not going to trust Asus phones anymore 

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Hello guys,

I have two question:

- anybody hear that Ramdump happened to taiwanese (TW) device?

- could not be the official charger the cause of this issue?