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Vertical Line and Color Banding (Greyed Black Color)

This problem happened when i set a low brightness and the refresh rate of 90Hz is the worst. Now this problem also happened in low brightness. There's a super thin vertical line on the middle and refresh rate of 120Hz got the worst one.Is this only ...

color-banding.jpg garis-vertikal.jpg

Fingerprint Sensor is Dirty

Neither my finger and the phone screen is dirty. Registering fingerprint on this phone is quite hard even without any screen protector. Some of my finger got detected easily while some others not so lucky.Now since i applied a hydrogel screen protec...


Zenfone 8 disappointment about asus after sale service

I bought a zenfone 8 in may of 2021 in Spain, the phone was good overall until i noticed an issue with autofocus on camera, i asked for rma and they told me that since i had unlocked bootloader they couldnt fix the phone under warranty, i called and ...

App Notification Sound Missing

After switching to this phone I noticed that all of my notification sounds were the same. When I went to switch it for each app like it should be the option isn't even listed in the settings. Is this a result of some power saving setting or why would...

ThreEve by Star I
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When you increase the system font, the text merges into a single line. Although the font is large, in this case readability worsens. Will this be fixed in the full release of Android 12 ?

rigency by Star II
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Zenfone 8 - two ramdump issues for one phone

Dear all,I bought a ZenFone 8 (8/256) at the end of July 2021 and have got “waiting for flashing full ramdump” mistake on January 5, 2022. Then I have contacted official ASUS service center and they changed the motherboard free of charge (this repair...

Zenfone 8 all new features of android 12

Hi, can we expect to add new personalization features for android 12? It's annoying that google apps have a green tint and I can't change that. When I updated my phone I was hoping all the new features would be available.

Pawcko by Star II
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Zenfone 8 fingerprint issue

Hi guys, can i have the instrction to solve the problem with fingerprint on Zenfone 8? I mean the pm that Ander_ASUS sent to other guys with the same issue. Thank you... have a nice week end...