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SMS OTP/activation code problem - probably SMS Retriever API working too slowly

Star II
Since I got ZF8 I cannot activate my banking app on it because the app relies on automatically reading the activation code I get from my bank by SMS in a short time. And my phone takes almost a minute to read the code from the SMS. By the time the app can read the code, it's already expired and I get an error message. I have tested the app on two older phones - a Samsung and a Sony. Samsung works instantly, Sony is a hit an miss, but it read the code in 5 seconds on the second attempt and it worked.
With Asus ZF8 it's *always* almost a minute to read the SMS OTP. I hoped upgrading to android 12 would help. Nope. I still can't activate my banking app. I opened a support case with my bank, they said that with the latest app version all other possible problems are solved and it's just that my phone is too slow to read the SMS that's the cause of the problem. (I should mention here that the banking app does not allow me to fill in the code by hand, as a security measure)
I really hope this gets through to the devs, not being able to use my banking app on my new phone is a real pain, as it helps me speed up the payments.
Anyone else here having the same issue? Is there any other way to speed up the OTP code extraction from an SMS?