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Security Patch Level

Rising Star II
Hi there,
When will we receive the new Android Security Patch Level? I'm still with November 2021

Rising Star I
i hope, asus will roll out february security patch level ASAP to our ZF8

Zen Master III
Don't hold your breath

Rising Star II
I was just thinking how disappointing it is to have November patch level 😕
Coming from a Pixel phone, I am used to monthly updates and feature drops I guess

Star II
Same disappointment here.
Still have my Pixel 5 next to Zenfone 8. Pixel 5 received all patches Nov, Dec, Jan and yesterday Feb 2022.
Hopefully Asus will update it shortly...
Appart from this, very happy with my Zenfone 8. With battery saver in dev options, battery life is not far from Pixel 5. With light use, 2 days easy with not much data but wifi.
Camera wise, with Gcam, it's very close to P5. Sometimes a bit better, sometimes a bit worse. Stock cam has less details, and colors are less accurate. But definitively not bad 😉
Performance is too much for my need, S765G is already enough on Pixel 5 for my light use. But really like compact devices, and getting this Zenfone 8 at 499€ in 8/256Go was a no brainer for me.
Please Asus, push at least 1 security patch 1 month on 2...