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Mobile data not connecting

I have put my old SIM into my new Asus Zenfone 8. Phone, text, wifi is all working but mobile data is not connecting. What settings do I need to update to fix this. I've tried turning it off and on again. I'm somewhere where there is good network c...

Bluetooth always visible

Bluetooth is always visible, even when the phone screen is off.I frequently connect my ear buds on other computers via BT and I always see my phone listed as BT device.I believe this is not the desired behaviour nor it is safe.Regards,

yandiro by Star I
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I have an ASUS TUF F15 FX506LI and the battery drainage is very fast. Also Diagnosed it and the battery is perfectly fine. But how fast the battery drains is very shocking for a brand new laptop, it cant even stay more than a hour in full battery sav...

Bluetooth disconnecting when using a smartwatch

Hi all.Since the update to android 12, my zenfone 8 is always losing connection to my smartwatch (an amazfit GTS). I am not sure what is happening, but something is not right with Bluetooth after the update. I am using .81 version of android 12 (the...

Switching networks

Hi, I have problem with switching networks. Sometimes when I wake-up the phone, it shows that it is connected to E (2G). Phone after while switches to LTE (4G). Sometimes it is almost instantly a sometimes it takes a very very long time. When i then ...

Simcard slot randomly stops working and leaves me offline.

Hi, it's almost since the beginning of December that I'm facing this problem. Whatever sim card i put on slot 1, it randomly stops working. Sometimes all of a sudden, sometimes when I deactivate the airplane mode in the morning.There's a 50/50 chance...

dantnt by Star I
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Blurry moving objects

The camera takes good still pictures, but even in daylight only slightly moving persons or objects become blurry and make the pictures useless. Not to talk about dim environment.

update not detected ( android 12)

Hello.Knowing that the android 12 update is not available in ota on the zen fone 8, I decided to download it manually.For information, the version I currently have is version did move the updated msie file to the internal storage of the...

xp44 by Star I
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Slow Charging Issue Zenfone 8

Hi!When I connect my phone to the charger (original), it starts with full charging speed (above 3500mA). After 1 minute it starts to slow down, till it gets stuck on 1600mA. Has anyone else had this issue?Battery monitor I used: AMPERE*Not using stea...

Snapchat front camera quality??

Hello, all! Just wondering if anybody else thinks that the Snapchat front camera quality on the Zenfone 8 is a little too bad Here are 3 pics I took in my bedroom a few days ago with the front camera on Snapchat with ZF8 and I just think it looks to...

snapchat-136357261.jpg snapchat-1802552517.jpg snapchat-1620094739.jpg
off2fly115 by Rising Star II
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