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DNS issues with android 12

Star III
Using Zenfone 8, I downloaded A12 on the official website and upgraded as instructed.
Since upgraded, my main VPN apps while working and compatible A12, has been unable to enforce its own DNS to apps such as Google chrome etc.
Now trying to use apps breaks other apps Internet connection with specific DNS errors only.
I searches online and its seems to be some old A12 beta issue resolves apparently.
Can anyone from Support help with this?

Zen Master I
Hi @LordTao
1.Could you confirm your current firmware version?
2.You can try resetting the network by following the steps: Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset Wifi, Mobile & Bluetooth

Star III
Firmware 31.1004.0404.81

Star III
Reset was done but DNS issue is still present.

Star III
In fact, now since the rest you asked, the change sim card for Data is glitching and having to reboot to clear it up. How come there are so many issues with a this supposedly stable release of android 12.