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Android consumes 30-50% of Zenfone8 battery

Hi,While waiting for ramdump issue on my ZF8 I've noticed that battery life got much worse (I didn't think that it could be any worse, but I was wrong ). Probably from last FW update.I'm not using any social apps like Instagram, Snapchat,, TikTok. N...


WiFi 6 GHz not seen by ZenFone 8

I have Asus GT 11000 router with WiFi 6 GHz. But I cant see the SSID in the ZenFone 8 which should support it.The 2.4 and 5 GHz are ok.

Bilbi by Star I
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New color scheme Android 12

Hope Asus puts out the new Android 12 color scheme as it`s one of the cool things it has in this update,,, I saw a list of companies that are including this, but Asus wastn`t on this list

Zenfone 8 is flagship brick

Today morning. I was using my phone for the fb and messenger. Suddenly display is off, buttons no response. When i plugged charger even led is no response. Tried all ways to reboot/reset phone and nothing. Im so angry for this happen. I care for the ...

Grzemar by Rising Star I
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GPS Bug?

I cant establish gps fix and find location... I tried turn on wifi and gps IS fixed... Whend i turn off wifi, then location IS lost... I use only gps and not Google location services... Tried with Sygic and Google maps... Can anyone try it ? Im on la...

Zenfone 8 Completely bricked

I was using my phone as i regularly do, watching youtube on it. I have first noticed an artifacting on the bottom of the screen, i first blew it off thinking it was some kind of app-related glitch. 15 minutes later, my entire screen began artifacting...

Repy by Star I
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Scheduled messages

Is there a way to write a text and set it to automatically send at a specific time in the future? I'm not looking for an app that will remind me to do things. I want to schedule and forget about it. Loved that feature on my previous phone.

Button signature. Scale. Question to the ASUS

Hello. I use a translator, so I apologize for the imperfect English. But I hope that you will hear and understand me. The language of my Zenfon 8 is Ukrainian and I really don't like how captions or explanations are implemented in pop-up windows of s...

screenshot-20211111-124241223-1.jpg screenshot-20211111-124150405.jpg screenshot-20211111-124046370.jpg screenshot-20211111-125356398-1.jpg
rigency by Star II
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Zenfone 8 bricked

I purchased an international spec Zenfone 8 ZS590KS from ebay while in the US, delivered early June. I specifically wanted an international one, that was not yet available in the US, because I was moving to europe soon. It just bricked and won't resp...

cowmoo by Star II
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