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Resolved! WhatsApp notification without sender in the lock screen

Since switching to the Asus Zenfone 8, I no longer see any senders on the lock screen when someone sends me a WhatsApp. It looks like this, see attachment.I used to be able to see the sender on the lock screen. Is that no longer possible?

zhd2 by Star II
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We need more fingerprint stability!

The zenfone 8 did receive an update to increase fingerprint stability, however it is not enough! Other cheap phones like crap samsungs don't even hiccup when reading a fingerprint, but I have to reposition my finger in 3 directions to register it! Th...

WiFi tethering with Zenfone 8 not working on.AT&T

So I recently bought a Zenfone 8 and found that WiFi tethering isn't working.Every other unlocked Android phone I've ever used has worked with AT&T, but not this one.I'm trying to figure out if it's a problem with the phone or if AT&T is blocking it ...

tbessie by Star II
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Phone gets stuck in dark an/or night mode

Hi,I have set my ZenFone 8 to go to dark mode and night light from sunset to sunrise. Most of the time it works fine, but sometimes the phone gets stuck in dark mode, night light or both. I also have ultra durable mode enabled from midnight to 7 AM, ...

Bootloader unlock, ramdump, and warranty coverage

Hello,In following the threads, it seems that there has been some varying experiences regarding ASUS warranty and the ramdump issue. Many users have reported a ramdump without unlocking their bootloader and rooting their phone, and they have been di...

offanad by Star I
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Battery Stats

Hello Guys, Sicnce 3 weeks I have Zenfone 8flip. I dedicated this time to elongate battery life. As I'm pretty happy from what I've achieved, however strange thing happened. In battery stats there is no phone calls. It just suddenly vanished, but I'm...

【ZenFone 8 BETA Tester】Join to experience Android 12!

Hi ZenFone 8 users,We will soon have the newest Android system on ZenFone 8. ASUS hereby sincerely invite you to participate in this program to experience Android 12!Q1: What is the Beta Program?Ans: The Beta Program lets users experience the Android...

Laura_ASUS by Community Manager
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Night/dark mode based on light sensor

Hello,I personally think basing the change to dark mode on the time of day is missing the real point.It can be dark also during the day, indoors.You have a light sensor, why don't you use that instead?I still have to switch it manually each time I go...