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Auto refresh rate problem.

Whenever you're trying to scroll pretty much anything besides phone's settings it drops down the refresh rate to 60hz. I don't see why would anyone chose this mode if it feels mostly like 60hz. Besides that, on this mode you can notice constant color...

Android 12 Optimization for Better Ram Management

I've been noticing in Android 12, a lack of free RAM memory. I realize that only 3500-3000 are free for the user, on the A11 it was 4500-4200 free. Another question, isn't there the ability to "expand" the RAM memory by allocating virtual memory by a...

Whatsapp Problems on ZenFone 8 Mini (Android 12)

Hi, good morning. I've noticed the problem with WhatsApp camera when I become record video, it freezes.I make full clean installation rom (I already apply format factory).This only happens on A12, Android 11 don't have this issue.

Save Preset for equaliser

Is it possible to add preset for equaliser? so i can save it for different speakers, as samsung xiaomi and all other previous phone i use has this function

what is Zenfone 8 wifi router compatibility list?

Hi Asus,I've been debuging my zenfone 8 wifi issue for weeks now. And I came into conclusion that it now fail to connect with stable connection to router with Wifi5 (802.11ac) mode. The phone will have random reboot, or loss wifi connection and fail ...

Android 12 OTA Switzerland

When is Android 12 coming OTA? in Switzerland?I did not buy the phone from a provider.

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