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AZF8 Weird ones..

Star I
Hi.. does anybody knows how to turn on Auto Arrange option on the AZF8? Also moving entire pages / tiles... it's so basic already years,, and i was looking a lot for a month now and couldn't find how to make it auto arrange the apps icons / shortcuts on home screen and other "pages"... i mean that e.g. if i delete some app or it's shortcut, it's automaticall move all the other app icons / shortcuts to take it's place and look all together... just keeping it in order... very basic and therefore odd it's no where 2B found...

Also for moving the app pages from one place to another, like if you want the apps to be right before or after some widget full page... or page of many apps before or after another.. it's very frustrating.. in Android 10 i think it was by marking some app (With V) on the edit page mode, so the bottom horizontal ribon of pages shown, then simply long tap and drag and drop the entire page to where you want.. but non of this here... it's very frustrating so any help would be very much appreciated here...

Thatks all ahead and have a nice day..

Rising Star II
Install a different launcher if the default Asus one, which I have never used, cannot do it. There are dozens of good, free ones