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Disable automatic system updates

In the last 2 OTA system updates I noticed that my choice of not to allow automatic system updates is not respected.My settings are as follows: System - System update - Settings - Automatically download and install - Do no allowWhat actually happens...

Iceman11 by Star III
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GPS issue

Before you ask anything, yes I'm on the latest firmware and yes, I have recalibrated my GPS on Google maps like 3 times already.Idk why, but the Zenfone 8's GPS is hands down the worst I've ever seen like bro, I'll be driving down the highway at 70m...

new bug discovered: Phone dialer bugged

Premise for all folks: about a month ago, I said that I was going to get rid of this crappy smartphone after all software hell i've been through (and it's still going on lol). The intention is to get rid of this pile of crap ASAP but I have to wait f...

Kleshar by Star III
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New Update

With the new Update there now is a shortcut to multiple apps when opening the multitasking pane does someone know how to disable them or change them into useful apps. We are also unable to change the Icons to match with the rest of my theme.

Whatsapp Video Call Camera Issues

Hi,1) Anyone experiencing bad video quality from the camera while video calling via WhatsApp? So grainy, low resolution even on my Wi-Fi connection. I guess Zenfone 8 camera 3rd party issue again?2) Can the extra, bigger black hole around the front c...

Wifi and hotspot are not working

Wifi and hotspot suddenly stopped working. The phone has automatically restarted and after then they are not working. Plz clear the issues with this phone. 30 days back the sim and network have stopped working and now this. Looks like this is what we...

PARIMI by Star I
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Resolved! Happy Zenfone 8 users?

Hi everyone. I am a happy ASUS user in its overall but since now, i am sticking into the pc side (1x ASUS desktop MoBo and 2x ASUS Laptop, using one of them now by 8 years and still working fine) I have to replace my actual phone (not ASUS) since aft...