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Zen Fone 8 Google Services Problem

I bought a phone today. But I can't start Play Market, writes that supposedly I need to log into my account, although I have already logged in and have access to the Internet, for example, Google Chrome works without problems. But you cannot install ...

oripx85 by Star I
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Resolved! Netflix installation

I cannot install Netflix on my phone but I can install other applications. What should I do?

3rd party app launcher broken (again) after new patch

Hello, the 3rd party app launcher system is broken again on the zenfone 8 after last patch. I am using Nova Launcher. As you remember, weeks ago, I've reported with other users an annoying bug related to third party launcher: everytime the phone was ...

Kleshar by Star III
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New Update 122.22

New Update just rolled out. What do you guys think?

off2fly115 by Rising Star II
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Several issues

Hi,I've been using this phone now roughly couple of months and noticed several issues that I cannot get solved. Maybe some of these can be solved just by changing settings..Issues:Bluetooth connection to Polar activity tracker (A370) drops connection...

Шум у собеседника при разговоре через автомобиль по bluetooth подключению

Добрый день, подскажите пожалуйста, после покупки zenfone 8 zs590ks мне стали говорить, что при разговоре со мной, когда я говорю по громкой связи в автомобиле через bluetooth подключение собеседники слышат шум. На старых zenfone 5 a501cg и zenfone 3...

truf847 by Star I
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Change fonts

Good morning, how can I add new fonts and select them?Best regards

LucaV by Star II
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Feature request: Custom app and folder icons

When you long press a app and select "Edit", you get the option to set the label of the icon. Nova Launcher also has the option to also override the icon with a custom PNG when you press the icon.Could it be possible to add this to the asus launcher?...

pbsds by Star I
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Feature request: Custom grid sizes

I have the grid size in the launcher set to 5x6: But on a near 20:9 aspect ratio screen this does not end up with anything closely resembling square icons, which is what i want. (highlighted with a keyboard)Could you support setting custom grid sizes...

image.png image.png
pbsds by Star I
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