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Display colours greenish - heavy contrast

Hello,after 2 months of a really satisfying experience with my Zenfone 8, I encountered a major display problem today:Without any warning, message or explanation, the display colors turned very dark and greenish, with a heavy contrast. It hurts my ey...

fw by Star I
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ZenFone 8 Steady Charging not working as expected

It looks there is no difference in charging speed with and without Steady Charging enabled. Charging from 20% up to 80%, in both cases takes ~30 minutes.All system updates are installed.That is an important functionality for increasing the battery li...

Phone not covered

I bought the zenfone 8 in June online and it said it was the global version. It got stuck on a weird screen last night and now it's dead. I contacted the company I got it from and they said I needed to contact asus as it after 14 days but asus said i...

Hill by Star I
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Snapchat camera sucks

For the love of God, can Asus PLEASE just fix the camera+mic quality for 3rd party apps?!?The camera and mic on the main camera app is great. But when it comes to Snapchat and Instagram, this phones camera is absolutely horrible. 1. Can't take lowlig...

Whatsapp voice messages

Hi guys.Did anyone have problem when playing voice messages from WHATSAPP through the earpice speaker that sound is extremely loud even if the volume of calls are on the minimum? Even the volume rockers on the side arent reacting at all, so the volum...

Bricked Zenfone 8

Woke up to my Zenfone 8 being completely dead and unresponsive. I first thought it was a problem with the battery or something, but seeing the threads that keep piling up here, i suspect my phone did an update during the nigt and bricked itself.

Drac by Star I
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Zenfone 8 Bricked (Ramdump)

**Reposting to correct section.**Hi all. I purchased my ZenFone 8 8GB/128GB from amazon.de on the 15th of June 2021.It was working great up until 17th of September 2021. I had locked the phone, put it in my desk and moments later the following screen...

Alternative USB-C chargers for Zenfone 8 don't seem to work

Hi,I'm starting to think there's an issue with the Zenfone 8 (or with mine), as I can't seem to get my Zenfone 8 to charger with an alternative USB-C to USB-C charger (this should select USB PD as charging protocol). The standard/included ASUS hyperc...

rej by Star II
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No VOLTE in Singapore

No VOLTE on 3 telco in sg. Now a day everywhere need to check in check out and if u are on the call unable to perform that. Is really inconvenient. Asus pls add VOLTE to sg telco pls. Thanks.