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Zenfone 8 - two ramdump issues for one phone

Star I
Dear all,
I bought a ZenFone 8 (8/256) at the end of July 2021 and have got “waiting for flashing full ramdump” mistake on January 5, 2022. Then I have contacted official ASUS service center and they changed the motherboard free of charge (this repair takes one week: from 6th to 13th of January).
But after 3 days of using repaired phone I have got the same mistake yesterday AGAIN!!!
How many motherboards I need to change to normally use my ZenFone 8?

Zen Master I
Hi @vsyakvypadok,
I'm sorry to hear about your device. Please check your inbox for a PM from me with some further questions so that we can follow up on your case.

Star I
Happy end:
The local service has informed me that they are not able to repair my phone in time (we have legislation limits on the terms of warranty repairs) and seller has refunded me the cost of my phone.
I think I should say thanks to @Irene2_ASUS for such fast decision.
So I have crossed the fingers and bought Zenfone 8 (16/256) again.
I hope that the shell will not hit the same place in the third time 😊

Zen Master I
Hi @vsyakvypadok
Nice to hear that all work out in the end 🙂