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Force close of application

hello!!I am Bhavik from Western Steel Agency. I am facing issue while opening some applications such as whatsapp, fb, n others, the phone force closes the apps and its really annoying.Thank You for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

ZenFone 8 bugs/problems

So here are a couple of things that don't work right with my phone.First the worst one, at least for me. First SIM, the one that can do 5G, loses data connection if I travel. If I don't, it seems fine. So if I wander around my own city, data connecti...

Dark mode Bug ?

I tried switch between Dark and white mode and i keep Dark mode.. now some apps sometimes run in Dark mode even i have not allowed fór these apps

Warranty in another country

Hello everyone. I would like to ask the representatives of Asus about the guarantee. I live in the city of Almaty (Kazakhstan) and it is sometimes problematic to buy a motherboard of an expensive segment from us. I bought a motherboard in a store in ...

Zenfone 8 mms issue.

I'm having trouble sending and recieving mms. It has been a problem since i bought it.Is there a solution to this yet?!I have the latest update installed. / Chris

Unread counter

What apps are able to show an unread notification count on ZenFone 8?

How to exclude apps from PowerMaster?

I think I asked this already but can't find the previous topic.PowerMaster notifies me that there are power-hungry apps, but in this case it's the music app. I would like to exclude certain apps from the detection or perhaps suggest that the detectio...

ligius by Star III
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Zenfone 8 launch in India

I am getting pretty annoyed the zenfone 8 is being delayed If not launched then the another option for me is OnePlus Nord 2 the thing that is keeping me from buying it is the headphone jack and the trust that asus gives us and the small and compact d...

30w hyper charge-steady charge

l turned on "steady charge" but my zenfone 8 still charges in 30w hyper charge.l don`t want quick charge. l want slow charge.is there anything wrong with it?(l use original charger)