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Existing Twin Apps cannot access media storage after upgrading to A12

After being "force" upgraded to Android 12,WhatsApp running as Twin Apps has lost all media access to /sdcard/TwinApps/Android/media/com.whatsapp/ (or /storage/emulated/2357/Android/media/com.whatsapp/)I do not know if reinstall the Twin Apps (disab...

Notification led resets to on every time unit plugged in

zenfone 8, just recently upgraded to android 12, but issue existed in 11 as well. Unit is unrootedEvery time I plug phone in at night it resets the notification led toggle to on. I've tried turning off the led while charging sub option, also tried l...

Zenfone 8 ramdump brick. Data recovery?

Hello guys,So my girlfriend's Zenfone 8 256GB from July 2021 got bricked from ramdump. Asus is about to pick it up for repair and I see from all the other people that they usually replace the motherboard, meaning your data is just lost. I'm much more...

Resolved! No audio when playing video in full screen

Hi, recently purchased ZenPhone 8 in India ("8Z"). When watching videos via any app (tested with YouTube, Netflix, Gallery), video and audio are both audible and play fine if the video is not played in fullscreen mode.In fullscreen for all apps, vide...

Newbie2 by Star II
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Hey google not working, No option for Voice match

Hi, wanted to test The hey Google funktion but it doesnt work. Read that I should retrain Google recognize my voice.Problem is that there I no such setting in my ZenFone 8. Settings that are recommended in forums don't match match with the content on...


No Microphone on Loud speaker

I just bought this phone and suddenly there's no microphone, every time I used my phone on a loud speaker. Specially on messenger you need to use a headset first for you to be heard. And i searched here that it's a common problem for this units. Ca...

olrak4 by Star I
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Android 12 Update Wi-Fi/Hot-spot problems

So I had Android 12 Update for my Zenphone 8 yesterday, everything was working fine until we had power shortage and I've turned on hotspot for my tablet, later I couldn't turn it off or access internet options, settings app was freezing or not showin...

Ravain by Star II
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Android 12 update Memory Leak Notification

I keep getting this memory leak notification that can't be turned off, if I press it it creates 2 files leak.dump and leak.hprof. I'm not a developer why am I seeing this ?